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Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Victims Include Police Officer

Drivers on the state’s highways, including a Dallas-area police officer, have encountered numerous Texas 18 wheeler accidents this week. The officer was injured when his squad car was T-boned near a Dallas suburb. A Houston woman lost her life in a Texas 18 wheeler accident Thursday night. At least two other Houston drivers were in accidents involving tractor-trailers. An incident involving a truck carrying hazardous materials closed a major freeway south of Houston for several hours.

Officer Involved in Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

An officer with the Grand Prairie Police Department was struck by a tractor trailer in a Texas 18 wheeler accident. The officer was in the northbound lanes of Highway 161 during the Friday morning rush hour. The big rig was moving in the eastbound lane of Pioneer Parkway when it rand a red light and T-boned the officer’s squad car. Video from the Texas 18 wheeler accident site showed that the officer attempted to avoid the collision, but could not react in time. The officer suffered only minor injuries. The department did not release any details on the truck driver.

Source: Dallas Morning News

Houston Woman Dies in Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

A young woman lost her life in a Texas 18 wheeler accident on Houston’s Near North Side late Thursday night. Reports from the Houston Police Department show that the Texas 18 wheeler accident occurred on the North 610 Loop near the Irvington exit. The young woman was driving her SUV in the eastbound lanes of the freeway when the big rig cut her off at the exit. The truck driver had moved toward the exit ramp, but then cut back on the freeway and slammed into the SUV. HPD officers are investigating the incident.

Source: KTRK-TV

Hazmat Crews Called to Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Site

A truck carrying hazardous materials burst into flames in South Houston last Monday. The Texas 18 wheeler accident happened on Highway 225 at Allen Genoa. A truck ran off the freeway and collided with a gas line, causing a massive fire and explosion. The gas line was carrying propylene from one of the nearby refineries. Hazmat crews were called to the Texas 18 wheeler accident site to prevent the spread of the chemical, as well as to assist firefighters. The driver died at the scene, but showed no signs to trauma from the accident

Source: KPRC-TV

Driver Pried from Car After Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

A driver was pinned inside his car for several hours after a Texas 18 wheeler accident. The accident occurred in northwest Houston near Old Bammel N. Houston Road and Highway 249. The Texas 18 wheeler accident happened when the tractor trailer was trying to leave the highway and pull into a parking lot. The car reportedly struck the rear-end of the big rig at high speed, crushing most of the vehicle. The driver was taken to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital and is expected to recover. The truck driver was uninjured.

Source: KHOU-TV

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