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Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Blamed On Weather

Cold weather, high winds and icy roads have been cited as reasons behind a slate of Texas 18 wheeler accidents in recent days. An 18 wheeler jackknifed on Interstate 35 East in Denton County, not far from another accident which involved seven vehicles, including one that struck the other vehicles as officers were on their way to the scene. A fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident in Pecos County involved a woman who was fleeing from police and struck a tractor-trailer head-on.

Denton County Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

An truck involved in a Texas 18 wheeler accident in Denton County jackknifed on the Interstate 35 East split. The Texas 18 wheeler accident left only one lane open for several hours. The jackknife incident occurred at around the same time as a major accident on the same freeway. One driver perished in an accident that involved seven vehicles. The accident happened east of Denton in the town of Little Elm. Law enforcement officials cited the icy road conditions in both accidents.

Source: KHOU-TV

Corpus Christi Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

Icy conditions and slick roadways have contributed to at least one Texas 18 wheeler accident as far south as Corpus Christi. Police have blamed the cold on a Texas 18 wheeler accident that occurred in Robstown, about 20 miles west of Corpus Christi. A truck driver was rolling south of State Highway 77 near County Road 44 when he lost control and collided with a safety barrier. Although the driver did not suffer any injuries, the collision caused the truck to leak oil onto the highway, forcing law enforcement officials to close the highway for several hours.

Source: KIII-TV

Dallas Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents

Poor road conditions in the Dallas suburb of Forney also led to a Texas 18 wheeler accident. One 18 wheeler had one of its two pup trailers overturn as it traversed the FM 741 overpass over Interstate 20. Another tractor-trailer rig slid on its side on the same bridge. In each case, the driver escaped with no injuries and no other drivers were involved. The two Texas 18 wheeler accident forced authorities to close the overpass until crews could sand the roads.


Pecos County Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

In one instance not involving cold weather, a fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident occurred when a woman drove head-on into oncoming traffic. The Texas 18 wheeler accident happened near Fort Stockton, about 80 miles southwest of Odessa. According to a news release from the Texas Department of Public Safety, a Pecos County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled over a 2014 Dodge Challenger. The driver, Lorena Flores, fled the scene and attempted to evade the deputy by driving on the wrong side of the interstate. Ms. Flores was killed when she struck the 18 wheeler head-on. The truck driver, Alberto Garcia, was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and released.

Source: KMID-TV

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