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Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents in San Antonio, Houston, Denton

Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents in San Antonio, Houston, Denton

A series of Texas 18 wheeler accidents caused serious injuries and lengthy traffic backups across the state last week. In San Antonio, a woman was injured when a flatbed truck jackknifed on a major freeway. Two people, including a young woman, died at the scene of one of the most devastating Texas 18 wheeler accidents of the week in Houston. A young woman also died at the scene of an accident on Interstate 35 in Denton. Several accidents on that same interstate involved in East Texas occurred shortly after a heavy rainstorm.

Details of the San Antonio Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

A flatbed truck carrying scrap metal was involved in a Texas 18 wheeler accident near San Antonio. Police reports showed that the truck was traveling eastbound on Loop 1604 near Green Mountain Road in the early morning hours. The truck collided with the concrete highway median, causing it to jackknife. At least two other cars collided with the truck, while a third swerved out of the way onto a grass-covered embankment. One woman was hospitalized, but no other injuries were reported in the Texas 18 wheeler accident.

Source: KSAT-TV

Details of the Houston Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

A Texas 18 wheeler accident in northwest Houston left the truck driver and a woman dead. Witnesses at the scene reported seeing the tractor trailer run through a red light and strike a passenger vehicle. The force of the Texas 18 wheeler accident threw the truck driver from the cab. A heavy crate in the truck then fell on him, crushing him to death. The man driving the passenger car, along with a young infant, were transported to a local hospital. The woman riding in the passenger seat died at the scene.

Source: KPRC-TV

Details of the Denton Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

An Oklahoma woman collided with the rear end of a tractor trailer in a Texas 18 wheeler accident near Denton. The accident occurred along a construction zone in the northbound lanes of Interstate 35. Authorities believe that the cause of the Texas 18 wheeler accident stemmed from the woman failing to reduce her speed in the construction zone. Police reports also state that the driver “suddenly maneuvered into the left lane” and struck the 18 wheeler.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram

Weather Blamed for East Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents

Numerous East Texas 18 wheeler accidents occurred on a stretch of Interstate 35 in Bell County shortly after a storm dumped more than an inch of rain. At least three Texas 18 wheeler accidents snarled traffic in the early morning hours on Tuesday. Rain-slicked roads and gale-force winds caused two heavy trucks to jackknife in ton the freeway’s northbound lanes. An accident near Salado caused a tractor trailer to straddle the barrier between the northbound and southbound lanes.

Source: Temple Daily Telegraph

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