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Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Leave 2 Dead, Several Injured

Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Leave 2 Dead, Several Injured

A series of Texas 18 wheeler accidents across the state last week led to at least two fatalities and numerous injuries. An accident in San Antonio left the driver of a Dodge Charger wedged under a tractor trailer for several hours. In Hardin County, the driver of a 2010 Volkswagen was hospitalized after a Texas 18 wheeler accident. A driver was killed and his three passengers were injured when his SUV struck a tractor trailer outside Fort Worth. A fiery Texas 18 wheeler accident south of Texarkana killed one driver and injured at least one other passenger.

San Antonio Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

The driver of a Dodge Charger ended up with his vehicle wedged under a tractor trailer in San Antonio. The major Texas 18 wheeler accident occurred early Tuesday morning on the northbound feeder road of Interstate 35. Witnesses told a local TV station that the Texas 18 wheeler accident was caused by the Dodge driver running a red light. Rescue crews spent several hours attempting to extract the driver. Reports from the scene stated that the driver was conscious throughout the rescue. He was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Source: KGNS-TV

East Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

An East Texas 18 wheeler accident happened last Monday near Silsbee in Hardin County. The driver of a 2010 Volkswagen was involved in a Texas 18 wheeler accident during the early evening hours. According to the DPS report, the Volkswagen driver was using the crossover lanes from the southbound to the northbound lanes on U.S. Highway 96. The tractor trailer was moving in the southbound lanes when the Volkswagen struck the truck’s trailer. The VW driver was taken to a local hospital by ambulance with non life-threatening injuries.

Source: KBMT-TV

North Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

One man perished and three others were injured in a Texas 18 wheeler accident west of Fort Worth Monday afternoon. The accident occurred just outside the town of Breckenridge, about 100 miles west of Fort Worth. The driver of a Chevrolet Avalanche sport utility vehicle lost control on the exit ramp of Highway 114. The SUV traveled through the guardrail, rolled down a hill and struck the 18 wheeler. The SUV driver was pronounced dead a a Forth Worth hospital. The tractor trailer driver in the Texas 18 wheeler accident did not report any injuries.

Source: KTXS-TV

Texarkana Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

A fuel tanker truck was involved in a fiery Texas 18 wheeler accident near Texarkana last week. Bowie County Sheriff’s deputies reported that at least one person died in the Texas 18 wheeler accident. Witnesses also reported hearing several explosions. The accident involved at least two vehicles, with at least one fatality and one passenger transported to a local hospital. Authorities did not report any details about how the accident occurred, nor did they release the names of the victims.

Source: KTBS-TV

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