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Texas 18 Wheeler Crash Sparks 67-Acre Grass Fire

A North Texas 18 wheeler crash involving a tractor trailer truck and a sport utility vehicle left one person dead and caused a grass fire that consumed 67 acres. The force of the Texas 18 wheeler crash caused both vehicles to catch fire. A report from the Texas Department of Public Safety stated that “both vehicles were burned completely.” The vehicle fires spread to a grassy area near the highway. The fires engulfed 67 acres of grassland before local firefighters could respond.

Details of the Texas 18 Wheeler Crash

Emergency dispatchers received the call about the Texas 18 wheeler crash occurred just before 3pm on Tuesday afternoon. The accident took place on Farm-to-Market Road 1446, near Lone Elm Road, in Ellis County. A local Justice of the Peace told reporters that the Texas 18 wheeler crash happened when a 2015 Chevrolet Equinox SUV crossed the center line and struck the tractor-trailer truck head-on. A DPS public information officer also stated that both vehicles caught fire on impact.

Texas 18 Wheeler Crash Knocks Down Light Pole

The DPS report also said that the the two vehicles involved in the Texas 18 wheeler crash came to rest in the right bar ditch, just off the highway’s far right lane. The impact from the Texas 18 wheeler crash also damaged an electric utility pole. Emergency responders, fearing that the pole would collapse on them or the accident victims, had to wait until electric utility crews could remove the pole and cut the power.

Texas 18 Wheeler Crash Lights Grass Fire

The fires from the Texas 18 wheeler crash also caused a major grass fire. The impact also caused the SUV to explode, engulfing the vehicle in flames. The SUV driver in the Texas 18 wheeler crash could not be identified at first due to the severe burns the body sustained. High winds carried the flames to a flat, grassy area near the ditch where the two vehicles rested. Firefighters took nearly three hours to extinguish the blaze. Local law enforcement officials closed off traffic while investigators examined the accident site and cleanup crews removed the wreckage.

Texas 18 Wheeler Crash Creates Horrific Scene

Witnesses to the Texas 18 wheeler crash described the frightening scene to local reporters. Waxahachie Fire Battalion Chief John Rodgers stated that he saw intense flames and thick clouds of smoke rising from the tractor-trailer wreckage. Another witness stated that the tractor-trailer driver told her that the driver who struck him was trapped under his truck. The SUV driver lost his life, but the tractor trailer driver reportedly suffered only minor injuries.

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