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Texas DWI Accident Includes 18 Wheeler

Police in Waxahachie are investigating what they believe to be a Texas DWI accident involving a woman’s attempt at suicide. The three-vehicle accident involved the driver of a Chevrolet Suburban who caused a potential Texas DWI accident when she drove into oncoming traffic. The driver collided with an 18 wheeler and a pickup truck in what investigators have labeled a suicide attempt. A judge granted a police request for a warrant to test the driver’s blood for alcohol and other drugs as part of the investigation.

Details of the Texas DWI Accident

Reports from investigators at the scene revealed some of the details behind the Texas DWI accident. The accident occurred on Interstate 35 at the 397 exit. Laura Michelle Mayeaux, 49, was pulled over by local police. She drove off in her Suburban and into oncoming traffic. Although the Suburban was moving at less than ten miles per hour, the vehicle’s front end was crushed when it struck the side of a tractor-trailer rig. The Texas DWI accident caused the 18 wheeler to roll onto its side, which blocked traffic for several hours.

Injuries in the Texas DWI Accident

Ms. Mayeaux was transported to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas after the Texas DWI accident. Police reports listed her in critical condition, but did not divulge the extent of her injuries. Emergency medical technicians attended to the driver and passenger in the tractor-trailer rig, as well as a driver and passenger in a pickup truck caught up in the collision. Police did not release any information on their injuries.

Search for Evidence in Texas DWI Accident

Police at the scene reportedly found an open container of alcohol in Ms. Mayeaux’s car, leading them to believe that the incident could be classified as a Texas DWI accident. A police detective served a warrant for Ms. Mayeaux’s blood while she was recovering from the Texas DWI accident she allegedly caused. After the blood was drawn, police shipped the sample to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s crime lab in Garland, just outside of Dallas.

Texas DWI Accident Investigation Continues

Lt. Ron Turbeville of the Waxahachie Police Department told reporters that the investigation into the Texas DWI accident was still ongoing. Lt. Turbeville also said that statements from paramedics and firefighters at the scene of the Texas DWI accident confirmed that “she smelled of alcohol” and “appeared to be inebriated.” The statements were sufficient to convince a judge to issue a warrant for Ms. Mayeaux’s blood. However, he said that he could not comment on “how intoxicated she really was” until the lab results become available.

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light

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