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Texas Truck Accidents Include School Bus Collision

A series of Texas truck accidents have led to numerous injuries and at least three fatalities. A truck-bus collision near San Marcos injured several students and two adults. A fatal Texas truck accident in the East Texas town of Flint took the lives of a woman and her young passenger, as well as injuring two other teenage passengers. A two-vehicle accident near Beaumont took the life of a man when his Lexus struck an 18-wheeler.

Texas Truck Accident Injures School Bus Passengers

At least twelve people were hospitalized after a Texas truck accident earlier this week near San Marcos. A school bus from the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District stopped at the intersection of State Highway 21 and Reynaldo Way. The bus was allowing children from nearby Travis Elementary School to get off. The Texas truck accident occurred when a utility truck rear-ended the school bus. Paramedics transported six children, the bus driver and the bus monitor to Central Texas Medical Center.

Source: KHOU-TV:

Fatal Texas Truck Accident Leaves 2 Dead, 2 Injured

A driver and one of her passengers perished in an East Texas truck accident. The collision occurred near the small town of Flint, an hour south of Tyler. According to a Texas truck accident report from the Department of Public Safety, a truck traveling southbound on Old Jacksonville Highway crossed the center line and struck an SUV head-on. The driver, 41-year-old Dana Regester, died at the scene. The front-seat passenger, 18-year-old Pasha Zapolsky, died later at a local hospital. Two rear-seat passengers, 15-year-old Ashley Regester and 17-year-old Caleb Chardwell, were also hospitalized. The truck driver, 30-year-old Carl Crabtree, was also taken to a local hospital.

Source: KETK-TV

Texas Truck Accident Kills Lexus Driver

A Texas truck accident near the town of Lumberton left a Beaumont man dead. Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins told a local news reporter that he believed that the Lexus driver, 47-year-old Robert Powers, suddenly steered out of his lane and into oncoming traffic. Chief Sullins did not give a reason for Mr. Powers’ swerving into the path of the oncoming 18-wheeler, but he stated that speed was not a deciding factor in the fatal Texas truck accident.

Source: Beaumont Enterprise

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