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Texas Truck Wreck Kills 3 SFA Students

A tragic Texas truck wreck in Rusk County Texas resulted in the deaths of 3 SFA Students.  According to news reports, 3 SFA students were killed and the driver was severely injured as a result of the truck wreck.  The driver was operating a Ford Escape southwest on State Highway 315 in Rusk County Texas when he made a U-turn and headed northwest.  According to reports, the driver then pulled onto the shoulder to make another U-turn when he was struck by an 18-wheeler on the driver’s side.  The truck accident reportedly occurred at 7:40 Saturday.  Reportedly, the driver and one of the passengers had been wearing a seatbelt.  The other two passengers were allegedly not wearing seatbelts.  The driver was last listed in critical condition with internal injuries at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler.  No reports mentioned why the truck driver did not see the vehicle or take any evasive action prior to the truck wreck.  The full story can be viewed here.  The truck wreck lawyers and the Amaro Law Firm are experienced in investigating fatal truck wrecks in which there are potentially multiple contributing factors.



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