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Truck Stops with Cleanest Bathrooms

Truck Stops with Cleanest Bathrooms

When you’re on the road for hours or days at a time, a clean bathroom is an oasis. Since you’re never guaranteed a clean bathroom when you roll up to a truck stop, here are the chains known for keeping their bathrooms clean.

Top 10 Truck Stop Chains Known for Having the Cleanest Bathrooms

Truck Stops with Cleanest Bathrooms

Truck Stops with Cleanest Bathrooms

A recent survey of truckers named the cleanest truck stop bathrooms across the U.S. Here are the truck stop and gas station chains that won out with the cleanest bathrooms.

  1. Buc-ee’s, based in Texas, reigns supreme in clean bathrooms! Nationwide, it’s a number-one rated truck stop when it comes for bathroom cleanliness. If you’re stopping by Buc-ee’s, keep in mind that no truck parking is allowed on site, so you’ll need to park off-site if you want to stop here.
  2. QuikTrip, based in Oklahoma, is the second highest-rated chain in terms of clean bathrooms. Some of the states where QuikTrip received top ratings for clean bathrooms include Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, and North Carolina.
  3. Wawa was a favorite for clean bathrooms on the East Coast, with top ratings in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, and New Jersey.
  4. Chevron is loved for its clean bathrooms in New Mexico, Oregon, and Idaho, among other states.
  5. Cumberland Farms is another East Coast favorite, with top rankings for clean bathrooms in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
  6. Kum & Go is a must-stop for clean bathrooms when you’re passing through Nebraska, Arkansas, and Colorado.
  7. Maverick is the place to stop for clean bathrooms if your route takes you through Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.
  8. Mobil is known for keeping its bathrooms clean in Washington and Vermont.
  9. Casey’s General Store will likely be your clean-bathroom stop when you’re driving through Indiana and North Dakota.
  10. Irving is another chain to remember if you regularly drive on the East Coast. It boasts top ratings in Maine and New Hampshire.

This list can be your key to finding the cleanest bathrooms on the road. Whenever you need the key to recovering from a truck wreck, contact the Amaro Law Firm. We’ve been helping injured truckers get the justice and recoveries they deserve when they’re hurt in 18-wheeler accidents caused by others’ carelessness.

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