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Trucking at Night vs. During the Day

Trucking at Night vs. During the Day

One of the many benefits of professional truck driving is the freedom to choose your schedule.  Of course, factors like pickup and delivery times can play a role in whether truckers choose to drive at night or during the day.

However, truckers usually still have leeway to decide when they’ll drive—and they generally make this decision based on the pros and cons of day versus night driving, as noted below.

Trucking at Night: The Pros & Cons

Two of the biggest benefits of trucking at night are:

  • Less traffic: There are far fewer vehicles sharing the road with nighttime truckers. While that can mean a smoother ride with minimal chances for congestions, it can also reduce the risk of a truck crash, as there are far fewer obstacles on the road to keep track of and contend with.
  • Fewer distractions: The darkness can mute the distractions outside of a truck, making it easier for an alert trucker to focus on the road. While this can help drivers be ready to respond to changing driving conditions quickly, it can also reduce the chances of a distracted driving wreck.

On the other hand, driving a commercial truck at night may not be the best idea due to:

  • Limited parking: If nighttime truckers do need to pull off for a rest break, it can be much harder to find a spot to park at truck stops, which daytime truckers have stopped to get some overnight rest. One option to avoid this challenge is planning a trip so that you can park in a customer’s lot if needed.
  • Risk of fatigue: If truckers are not used to driving at night or they’ve been awake all day, nighttime driving can present a risk of fatigued driving, which can be as dangerous as drunk driving. So, it’s best to acclimate yourself to a waking night routine before jumping behind the wheel for nighttime trucking.

Trucking During the Day: The Pros & Cons

Just like day and night are opposites, the pros and cons of day versus nighttime driving are opposite to each other. For daytime trucking, the primary benefits include:

  • Plenty of parking: Truck stops tend to have plenty of parking from the morning through the mid-afternoon hours, making it easy to find a place to stop for a break. When it is time to find a spot for the night, however, keep in mind that truck stops start to fill up in the early evening hours. So, you probably don’t want to plan finding a place in the earlier evening hours if you want to spend the night at a truck stop.
  • Increased alertness: Most people are naturally more awake and alert during the days. For those who are used to working during the day and sleeping at night, keeping that schedule can be ideal, especially if that schedule aligns with their loved one’s waking hours.

In contrast, some downsides to daytime trucking can include:

  • Far more traffic: Because most people are awake and traveling during the day, there are far more vehicles on the roads. That can mean more congestion, rush-hour traffic, and delays in travel times. It can also mean that there’s a greater crash risk.
  • Far more distractions and obstacles: Under the light of day, everything outside of the truck will be readily visible, from the landscape to roadway construction crews and more. That can mean far higher chances of distraction. So, drivers need to be especially mindful of staying focused on the roads when driving during the day.

While day versus nighttime trucking can offer unique benefits and some possible downsides, trucking always comes with an inherent crash risk. So, it’s crucial that truckers know that, whenever an accident happens, they can turn to the Amaro Law Firm for help, advice, and advocacy.

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