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Two Bus Passengers Die In Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

A fatal 18 wheeler accident killed two people and injured several more on Interstate 10 near Weimar, Texas last week. The bus driver and a passenger were thrown from the bus when it struck the big rig from behind. The fatal 18 wheeler accident also included a passenger car and a sport utility vehicle. The car was crushed between the bus and the tractor-trailer, but the car’s driver escaped unhurt.

Details of the Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

The bus was traveling eastbound on Interstate 10 near Weimar, about 90 miles west of Houston. The bus collided with the tractor trailer in a construction zone. According to reports from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the bus apparently failed to slow in the construction zone, leading to the fatal 18 wheeler accident. The bus also struck a car, which then collided with an SUV. Neither the car’s driver nor the SUV’s driver and passengers were injured in the fatal 18 wheeler accident.

Victims of Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

Two victims of the fatal 18 wheeler accident, including the bus driver, were declared dead at the scene. At least a dozen passengers were transported to medical facilities. Four passengers with minor injuries were taken to Columbus Community Hospital. Some of those with more serious injuries were transported to St. Mark’s Hospital in La Grange. The bus passengers in the fatal 18 wheeler accident were on their way to North Carolina to work as migrant farm laborers in the state’s tobacco fields.

Survivor Tells of Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

One of the survivors of the fatal 18 wheeler accident told his story to a local news outlet. Juan Antonio Puente told KHOU-TV that he was near the front of the bus when the fatal 18 wheeler accident occurred. He told reporters that he believed the driver either had dozed off or failed to pay attention to signs of an upcoming construction zone. Mr. Puente also spoke of hearing screams from his fellow passengers during and after the chain reaction collision. He also told of how two male passengers opened the emergency exits and allowed the other passengers to escape the damaged bus.

Community Responds to Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

Local police, state troopers and paramedics acted quickly at the fatal 18 wheeler accident scene. Police closed much of the traffic on the interstate due to the accident, but reopened the freeway as soon as the wreckage was cleared. Columbus Community Hospital administrator Dr. James Vanek said that he “did call in extra staff” when he heard about the fatal 18 wheeler accident. He also praised other area hospitals for their response to the emergency.

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