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Two Men Dead After Violent Car Crash Near Atascocita

On April 27, 2011, Harris County authorities say two men died in a violent car crash at the 2200 block of F.M. 1960 near Atascocita.  Investigators say the men were headed east bound in a Acura 3.5RL when the driver lost control.  Reportedly, the car crashed into a concrete culvert and the car rotated and rolled into a parking lot where it hit a metal pole and went airborne.  Sources say the car then hit a wooden metal utility pole and landed on a U-Haul car trailer.  Authorities say when they arrived at the scene they found only one man lying outside of the car and there were no indications anyone else was inside the vehicle.  Sources say around 13 hours later the father of the other man went to search the scene after suspecting his son might have been involved in the crash.  Authorities say that father found his sons body in a highly wooded area just east of the crash scene.


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