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Winter Storm Quantum Leads To Texas Truck Accidents

Across the country, the effects of Winter Storm Quantum have led to numerous truck accidents. The latest named winter storm of the season has led to icy roads, low visibility and poor driving conditions from the Rocky Mountains to the Deep South. The biggest Texas truck accident from the storm involved at least 25 vehicles. The storm was also a contributing factor in a fatal Texas truck accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Multi-Vehicle Texas Truck Accident Snarls Freeway

A major West Texas truck accident occurred on Friday involving at least 25 vehicles. The pileup happened west of Amarillo on Interstate 40 Friday morning. The Texas truck accident blocked the freeway in Cooke County near the Texas-New Mexico border. Local news reports stated that at least six of the vehicles involved in the pileup were tractor-trailer rigs. Despite the icy conditions and near-zero visibility, authorities stated that two drivers suffered minor injuries, but no fatalities have been reported.


Texas Truck Accident Injuries Mount

In less than 24 hours, the number of Texas truck accidents related to the winter storm has increased to staggering proportions. According to the Dallas Morning News, at least 54 injury accidents on major freeways and 33 on surface streets have occurred since midnight on February 23. Weather forecasts have predicted that most of the North Texas area will experience temperatures at or below freezing for 24 to 48 hours. These freezing temperatures, combined with snow, sleet and other winter precipitation, are expected to lead to even more Texas truck accidents.

Metroplex-Area Texas Truck Accident Turns Fatal

A Texas truck accident near the Dallas suburb of Carrollton led to a fatality on an icy road. The Texas truck accident occurred on the George Bush Turnpike at 4:30am on Monday. The driver of a Mitsubishi Montero lost control of his vehicle and collided with the rear of a parked 18-wheeler. The big rig had parked on the shoulder to avoid another rig that had slid and jackknifed on the freeway. Police reports showed that the unidentified driver of the Mitsubishi Montero died at the scene.

Source: Dallas Morning News

I-30 Texas Truck Accident Includes Jackknifed Rig

A Monday morning Texas truck accident resulted in a jackknifed 18 wheeler on Interstate 30. The Texas truck accident happened on the freeway overpass over Lake Hubbard near Dallas. Police closed off the eastbound lanes of the freeway for more than three hours Monday morning. No injuries were reported.

Source: Weather Channel

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