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Woodlands Car Crash Traps Woman Underwater in Pond

On February 15, 2011, a woman drove her vehicle into a pond near a mall in the Woodlands, Texas. Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies say the 59 year-old woman lost control of her SUV when she swerved and crashed into the pond on Lake Robbins Drive near Interstate-45.

A witness to the accident jumped in the pond to try and save the woman. The witness said he was unable to reach the driver before the car began to sink. Witnesses say the driver’s head was slumped over the steering wheel as she swerved off the road.

A dive team pulled the SUV out of the water about half an hour after the accident. Paramedics performed CPR on the woman for several minutes before feeling a pulse. The woman was transported to the hospital in critical condition and placed on life support. Reportedly, she died the next day. The cause of the crash is under investigation.


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