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7 Essential Hurricane Prep Tips for Truckers

Be Prepared to Stay Safe on the Roads Throughout Hurricane Season The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, spanning June 1st to Nov. 30th, has a 60% chance of bringing “above-normal activity,” experts say. In fact, they’ve predicted up to 10 hurricanes,...

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New HOS Rules Will Take Effect in Sept. 2020

Modernizing the Rules Offers More Flexibility, Nearly $274M in Savings Over 10 Years On Sept. 29, 2020, revised hours of service (HOS) regulations will go into effect, changing a handful of requirements for truckers and other commercial drivers. The updated HOS...

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What to Do After a Truck Accident: 10 Steps

If You Know What to Do After a Wreck, You Can Protect Yourself & Your Recovery When a truck accident happens, protect yourself and a potential claim for recovery by taking these key steps: Get to safety & call the...

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Are Truckers Employees or Independent Contractors?

The answer can affect liability & legal options after truck wrecks. When truck accidents happen, the employment of status of the involved truck drivers matters. The reason is that being a driver employee versus an independent owner-operator can impact: Who is...

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