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Houston Car Accident

Texas 18 Wheeler Fires Include Fatalities

A series of Texas 18 wheeler fires shut down major traffic lanes across the state. At least one Texas 18 wheeler fire resulted in fatalities. An accident south of Temple caused one rig to knock down a bridge and another...

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Houston 18-Wheeler Traffic Among Heaviest In U.S., Says Study

A study by the American Transportation Research Institute showed that Houston 18-wheeler traffic was some of the heaviest in the nation. The “2014 Congestion Impact Analysis of Freight-Significant Highway Locations” analyzed the congestion patterns at 250 intersections in and around...

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Children Injured In Multi Car Collision

On April 15, 2012, Fort Bend authorities say a three-car accident in Fort Bend County sent two children to the hospital Sunday night.  Reportedly, the accident happened on Crabb River Road and Highway 59.   Investigators say two children were ejected...

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Houston Woman Killed After Exiting Car On The Road Way

On April 15, 2012, Houston authorities say a woman was struck by a car and killed after exiting her vehicle on the roadway early Sunday morning.  Reportedly, deputies arrived at W. Mount Houston near Cora and found a woman’s body...

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