Month: April 2015

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  • April
    28 2015

    Investigations Into Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Continue

    A series of Texas 18 wheeler accidents across the state have prompted investigations by state and local law enforcement agencies. A fiery Texas 18 wheeler accident in the Central Texas town of Chilton cots the driver of a pickup truck his life. Another fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident shut down traffic in west Houston for over five […]

  • April
    23 2015

    Fatal Truck Accident Kills Five Nursing Students

    Five Georgia Southern University nursing students were killed in a fatal truck accident near Savannah this week. Three other victims, including two other nursing students, were also injured in the crash. The fatal truck accident involved a small sedan, an SUV, a tanker truck and a tractor trailer. The crash stopped traffic for more than […]

  • April
    20 2015

    Fort Worth Truck Accident Kills OKC Bombing Paramedic

    A former paramedic who was one of the first responders after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was killed in a Fort Worth truck accident last week. Steve Franklin was among the five fatalities stemming from a major Fort Worth truck accident. His wife, Tracey Franklin, was among the twelve people injured in the accident on […]

  • April
    13 2015

    Fort Worth 18 Wheeler Accident Kills 5, Injures 12

    A Fort Worth 18 wheeler accident cost five people their lives and injured twelve more early Sunday morning. The accident occurred at 2:30am Sunday morning on Interstate 30 in East Fort Worth. At least ten ambulances, as well as one CareFlite helicopter, transported victims of the Fort Worth 18 wheeler accident to local medical facilities. […]

  • April
    06 2015

    Texas DWI Accident Includes 18 Wheeler

    Police in Waxahachie are investigating what they believe to be a Texas DWI accident involving a woman’s attempt at suicide. The three-vehicle accident involved the driver of a Chevrolet Suburban who caused a potential Texas DWI accident when she drove into oncoming traffic. The driver collided with an 18 wheeler and a pickup truck in […]