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18 wheeler fire

Texas Truck Accidents Mar Holiday Celebrations

The start of the summer holiday season saw numerous Texas truck accidents across the state. Drivers who traveled the highways during the Memorial Day weekend witnessed several Texas truck accidents from the suburbs of Dallas to the beaches of Corpus...

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Four Texas Truck Accidents Last Week

A series of Texas truck accidents occurred on the state's highways last week, including a fatal wreck near Lubbock. An 18 wheeler and a box truck collided on Interstate 20 just east of Dallas. A tractor-trailer struck a minivan just...

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College Vice President Dies In Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

Dr. Don Bostic, the Vice President of Ranger College in Brownwood, Texas, perished in a fatal 18 wheeler accident last Friday afternoon. Dr. Bostic was a respected faculty member and administrator at the college and was known as a community...

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Fatal Truck Accident Kills Five Nursing Students

Five Georgia Southern University nursing students were killed in a fatal truck accident near Savannah this week. Three other victims, including two other nursing students, were also injured in the crash. The fatal truck accident involved a small sedan, an...

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