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Texas Truck Accidents Include School Bus Collision

A series of Texas truck accidents have led to numerous injuries and at least three fatalities. A truck-bus collision near San Marcos injured several students and two adults. A fatal Texas truck accident in the East Texas town of Flint...

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Winter Storm Quantum Leads To Texas Truck Accidents

Across the country, the effects of Winter Storm Quantum have led to numerous truck accidents. The latest named winter storm of the season has led to icy roads, low visibility and poor driving conditions from the Rocky Mountains to the...

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Truck Safety: U.S. Senator Targets “Chameleon Carriers”

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) has initiated a truck safety campaign that targets trucking companies that dissolve their businesses and re-emerge under new names to avoid federal safety regulations. These companies, also known as “chameleon carriers”, use the same staff,...

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50 Car Pileup Collision In Port Arthur Jefferson County

On January 5, 2012, Port Arthur authorities say dozens of people were hurt, and at least four critically injured, in a mass pileup involving as many as 50 vehicles on a highway near Port Arthur.  According to the Jefferson County...

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