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Month: March 2015

Texas 18 Wheeler Accident: Overpass Struck Twice Before

An investigation into a Texas 18 wheeler accident near the town of Salado revealed that the overpass where the accident occurred had been struck twice in the previous week. Last Thursday's Texas 18 wheeler accident near Interstate 35 and FM...

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Texas 18 Wheeler Fires Include Fatalities

A series of Texas 18 wheeler fires shut down major traffic lanes across the state. At least one Texas 18 wheeler fire resulted in fatalities. An accident south of Temple caused one rig to knock down a bridge and another...

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Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Strike Statewide

A series of fatal Texas 18 wheeler accidents struck across the state. The crashes occurred on the first weekend of Spring Break, which often sees an increase in traffic and accidents on the state's major highways. In Corpus Christi, one...

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Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Blamed On Weather

Cold weather, high winds and icy roads have been cited as reasons behind a slate of Texas 18 wheeler accidents in recent days. An 18 wheeler jackknifed on Interstate 35 East in Denton County, not far from another accident which...

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