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Interstate 35 Truck Crash Incidents Include Fire, Fatalities

An Interstate 35 truck crash last Friday sparked a fire and left the driver of a pickup truck driver dead. Another Interstate 35 truck crash just two days before involved multiple vehicles, including an 18 wheeler, and sent at least...

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Louisiana Truck Wreck Closes Interstate for 12 Hours

A major Louisiana truck wreck near Baton Rouge closed the busy Interstate 10 for nearly 12 hours. The Louisiana truck wreck disrupted traffic across the state capitol, ranging from school buses arriving late for class to delivery times for the...

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Holiday Week Sees Several Fatal Texas Truck Wrecks

The recent Thanksgiving holiday was a sad one for many families who lost loved ones in fatal Texas truck wrecks across the state. The driver of a U.S. Postal Service 18 wheeler died Sunday in a fatal Texas truck wreck...

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Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Kills Heavy Metal Band Tour Bus Driver

The tour bus driver for the heavy metal band The Ghost Inside was killed in a fatal 18 wheeler accident near El Paso last week. Gregory Hoke, the tour bus driver, and Steven Cunningham, the driver of the tractor trailer...

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