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Fire Truck Accidents Among Leading Causes of Deaths Among Firefighters, EMTs

A study from the National Fire Protection Association found that fire truck accidents were responsible for one-fifth of the deaths of firefighters in the line of duty. The data found that nearly 200 of the 829 firefighter deaths in the...

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Driver In Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Faces Homicide Charges

The driver in a Louisiana fatal 18 wheeler accident faces several charges, including negligent homicide, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and felony hit-and-run. Daniel Alex Coy, 25, of Gulfport, Mississippi, was arrested last week in connection with a fatal...

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Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Leave 2 Dead, Several Injured

A series of Texas 18 wheeler accidents across the state last week led to at least two fatalities and numerous injuries. An accident in San Antonio left the driver of a Dodge Charger wedged under a tractor trailer for several...

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Wal-Mart, Insurers Sue Each Other Over Tracy Morgan Truck Accident Settlement

While Wal-Mart recently reached a truck accident settlement with comedian Tracy Morgan over his injuries from a June 2014 collision, the retail giant still faces legal battles with its own insurance providers. The retailer filed a lawsuit on September 30...

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