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As Fatal Truck Accidents Rise, Congress Considers Relaxing Trucking Rules

A bill before the U.S. House of Representatives could allow for increases in driver workloads, which could lead to more fatal truck accidents involving 18 wheelers. The bill would remove many of the restrictions on the number of hours per...

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Dallas 18 Wheeler Crash Leaves Truck Driver Dead

A truck driver died early Sunday morning in a Dallas 18 wheeler crash when his big rig collided with a fire truck. The truck driver died at the scene of the Dallas 18 wheeler crash when the truck's cab caught...

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Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Report Shows Driver Was On Painkillers

A recent report showed how a Houston 18 wheeler accident led to numerous physical and mental problems for one of its victims. The report also shows how the use of opioid pain medication by a truck driver contributed to the...

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Dallas Truck Accident Damages Highway Overpass

A Dallas truck accident snarled traffic on Friday afternoon when the lift arm of a tractor-trailer struck a bridge overpass. The Dallas truck accident shut down all of the northbound lanes on Loop 12 and most of the eastbound traffic...

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